The shelter for women victims of violences

Gender violence is a global challenge. Worldwild, one woman of three is victim of physical, sexual or psycological violence during her life.
It is an important challenge for Ecuador: 587 feminicides were recorded in the country between 2014 and 2018 (official figures below to reality). In average six women of ten are victims of violences in the country. Those violences consequences are numerous and long-term, bot for the victims and the whole society?

In the Napo province, where Patou Solidarité works since 2012, the gender problem is particularly important. The estimations are that two women of three are victims of violences in their life. In 78 per cent of cases, the aggressor is the partner or ex-partner. To respond to this problem, the association identified an urgent need of opening a shelter for women victims of violences and their children.

After one year of combined efforts from the association, local authorities and other organisations of civil society, the Wasi Pani shelter opened its doors the 11 of April 2018. The shelter goal is to provide a temporary shelter for women victims of violences and their children, in order that those families can live safely and receive support to find a long-term solution outside of the shelter.

Shelter working way

Wasi Pani shelter welcome adult women victims of violences and their children. They are mostly identified by local institutions like hospitals, police or schools, which propose to them an emergency shelter. Their stay period is very versatile from some days to many months. The womens leave te shelter, when they have encountered a safe accommodation solution for themselves and their children.

During their stay in the shelter, women freely benefit of accommodation, food, psychological and legal support from professionals and help to find a job and accommodation. They also participate to diverse activities (work-out, talking circles, etc.) to progressively enhance self-confidence and their trust in others. Their children attend a new school and participate to playful activities thanks to volunteers (reading sessions, outdoor and manual activities, etc.).

Shelter challenges

Better adapted new spaces construction

Today the shelter area is not enough to satisfy the welcomed women needs. We currently work about a new shelter construction project, with more housing capacity and the creation of spaces really adapted to our needs (outdoor layout, administrative offices, educative spaces, collective living spaces).

Professional training development for welcomed women

Welcomed women need support for their professional integration. We would like to help them during this process, in order to find long-term solution and enhance their role in the economic world. So we wish to start a training centre project. It would allow to women to participate to training sessions, leaded by professionals and adapted to their needs and skills.

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