Association story

The association story is strongly related to her president life and personality, Myriam Vieillard. Since her childhood, she dreamt of participate to humanitarian actions and help others. Growing older her incapacity to stay put in front of all the injustices, famines and social problems grow.

But she can not realise her dream straight away. Mother of four children, she share her wish of helping during humanitarian crisis with her husband, Patrick Vieillard. But the children are too young. They decide to wait at least until their majority. Unfortunately, the plan had to be changed.

After her husband death in 2010, Myriam Vieillard feel that she can not stay more in France, that her place is elsewhere. She says it herself: “I couldn’t continue my life, knowing that I could do more than what I was already doing.” The idea of creating her own association start to grow in her mind. It grows slowly until being part of all her thoughts. So the 12 of September 2012 the idea become real: Patou Solidarité is officially created.

For those who are wondering, Patou was the surname of Patrick Vieillard. It is a way to render a last homage to a man, who would have done the same, if he had been alive.

Fortified by her success, Myriam Vieillard decide to do more: “With an association you can do a lot
of things and especially gather many people for the same cause but I wanted to go myself over there and live there to better understand the needs of targeted communities and improve the situation as much as possible.” A month after the association creation, she flew over Ecuador with her two youngest children.

→  Patou Solidarité is born and Myriam Vieillard dream became true with it.

Since then, the association developed its knowings of the situation and the problems. Analyses allowed us to focus our projects on the real communities needs. After focusing on the challenge of food sovereignty, Patou Solidarité extended its actions to women and their children from indigenous communities in Napo province. Its goal: fight against gender violences and ensure respect of women and children rights.

To achieve it, the association can count on an effective French team and numerous volunteers. Patou Solidarité is French-Ecuadrorian since May 2016. Since then, it had the support of an Ecuadorian team to sustaining its projects. It also works in close collaboration with local authorities and public instititions and receive support from French authorities, like French Embassy or French Alliance.

The association Patou Solidarité always tries to develop its partnerships in Ecuador and in France, to ensure a better visibility.Volunteers are always wanted both in France and Ecuador to help projects.

If you wish to support us financially, you can send a cheque to the following address :

44100 NANTES

You can also make an online donation by clicking here or doing transfer to our account. Those donations contribute to finance projects in relation with protection, prevention and formation of women or with the access to any kind of culture to everyone, even in communities.

We count on you, they count on you! Because solidarity is a chain, be a link.