Our sponsor program for children

catrinaFor three years now, we have been working in Ecuador, in the Amazon, through different projects.

Most of them, thanks to your help, function very well. And we are proud of it.

While for some time the idea of developing sponsorships for children in the communities had been suggested, this seemed too complicated for us because we had too few volunteers. But today, thanks to the wonderful team we now have in France and in Ecuador, we would like to start this new adventure.

estevenFrom the beginning, we have seen the living conditions of these children and have tried to do what we can to improve them. But, unfortunately, our organization is too small to help all of the children that we see each day. We see children who cannot go to school because their parents have no way of paying for the appropriate clothing or schools supplies. We see children who are without shoes or underwear, sometimes even naked. We see children who run at the sight of a piece of bread because they are so hungry. Yes, hungry, even here in Ecuador, which is supposed to be a developed country.

So here’s our idea: We would just like to see how sponsorships would work. Not necessarily to change the children’s lives, like some of them might think. We don’t pretend we have the solution, but we just want to try, with the help of a godfather or a godmother, to make their lives a little better.

Because children are always the first victims of poverty, the first victims of the mediocrity of adults, we would like to show them that there is a better future.

After some thought and discussion, we have come up our vision on sponsorship.

The conditions of partnership

  • Above all, and since it has always been our principle, a true exchange is expected between the godparent and godson. The exchange can involve a visit by the godparent to meet his godchild when he wishes to as well as the exchange of photos, videos, drawings, emails, etc.
  • A minimum of 15 euros per month is required to help a child in need.
  • The godparent must be a member of the Patou Solidarité association.

The commitments of Patou Solidarité

  • We are committed to sending pictures, videos, drawings, etc., to  guarantee that there is a true relationship between the godparent and his godchild.
  • We are commited to providing all the necessary support for godparents and godchildren.
  • Patou Solidarité will securely manage the money sent by godparents.

The conditions of the parents

  • The most important condition of them all : the child must go to school.

We aim, as usual, for real transparency and a feeling of trust between us and the  participants in the project so that we can to make the lives of these children better.

To start with, we have selected 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls between the ages of 5 and 10. They all live in horrible conditions, many of them in large families. They are adorable and dream of a better life. Some have dreams as simple as eating a banana or going for a walk near the river. They all love the cookies we bake together during our afternoons organized by the president. And every one of them needs somebody who can make their life a little better.

We are counting on you, they are counting on you !!!



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