Patou Solidarite is non-profit organization of law 1901. The goal of this organization is to help the destitute communitys while respecting there culture and traditions.

We mostly work with the Kichwas communitys in the ecuatorian Amazonia by giving life to micro projects..

These micro projets are designed and realized on site by the familys and Myriam Vieillard the president of Patou Solidarité.

We also help by sending clothing, shoes and scolar materials. We evan help with food in the most urgent cases.

The kichwas comunity are descendant of the Incas and the try real hard to preserve their culture. Unfortunately they are victims of colonization that doen’t realy recognize them in the society.

This is it ! Were not a big thing, just an idea. A lot of things are thrown away in France and a lot of other places, things that are still good. We often forget the chance that we have and we live in overconcumption society where having more is so important and we don’t think that most people would be so happy to drink water or to take a shower.

We hope that you will also take pleasure in discovering these beautiful communitys, this love of mother earth and nature, these essentiel values that we are losing. And finally maybe you will at your turn, make a little gesture that means a lot in the hearts of others .

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