The poultry houses

So far, six poultry houses have been successfully initiated and we received requests from many other families. We would like now to go on with this project for 5 other less fortunate Kichwa families and to make all the houses initiated by our organization sustainably grow.

This project consists in providing each family with everything needed to start poultry breeding, i.e. a rooster, two hens, as well as some corn and corn seeds. This enables a family to regularly get white meat and eggs, and so, to meet its primary needs, with no further assistance from our part.

You can help us financing this project and click on « make a donation » on the right-hand side of this page. Your support will finance 5 poultry houses (400$ / house), i.e. purchase of the rooster and hens, the building material for the house, the animal feeding for 5 months and the corn seeds. 5 months is the time for the corn to grow.
This project will enable families to live with no further assistance in the coming future and give them the possibility to sell some chicken or some corn.

This project will personally and locally followed by Mrs. Myriam VIEILLARD, Patou Solidarité’s Manager.

Thank you very much to everyone supporting this project : you help us making this project real and also taking these families off further assistance in the coming future.

We rely on you; they rely on you.

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Thank you for your support and trust
Your donation will fund this project.
Thank you for helping us make a difference!
Your donation will fund this project.