Becoming a member

You wish to become a member of Patou Solidarité.

Who can become a member of Patou Solidarité ?

Members of Patou Solidarité are individuals who share the vision of the association and it’s mission. Membership towards the association is free and volunteering and is of individual value.

To be an activ member of the association PATOU SOLIDARITE, you have to :
-be of age
-be allowed your civil rights
-agree with the association’s ideals

Members form the legitimacy of the association

What does it mean to be a member of Patou Solidarité ?

Most importantly, it means agreeing with the values and the main ideals of the association. It also means investing some of your time on the life of the association by participating on the great debats of the association.

How do you act as a member ?

To make the best of your membership’s rights, Patou Solidarité is commited to informing them via :
-the Patou Solidarité newsletter, « published » every month
-the events organised by Patou Solidarité
-the possibility of joinging the meetings of the Patou Solidarité comity for activ members.

Activ members can also participate in concrete ways on different activities of Patou Solidarité by bringing their help during special events organised by the association.

Rights to becoming a member

Rights to becoming a member is set to 20euros.

How do you become a member ?

1.Filling this form
2. Send this document to :

PATOU SOLIDARITÉ – Arnaud JOUAN – 75, Boulevard Saint Aignan 44100 NANTES – FRANCE

pdf Membership Form PATOU SOLIDARITÉ
Membership Form PATOU SOLIDARITE.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat


If you wish to have more information, you can also use the form online.

We wish to remind you that the association is led only by volunteers.
The money is completely used to finance the projects of Patou Solidarité.
We thank you for it !

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!
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